Nurse Clinics

We are proud to be a nurse training practice, approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, this approval requires the practice to be up to date and inspected regularly. We train student nurses in safe and effective animal care and clinical skills, so they can gain their veterinary nursing qualifications and become a registered veterinary nurse.

Creaky Clinics

As our pets grow older they are at an increased risk of developing several common age- related diseases. These include kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, dental disease and arthritis.

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Puppy Parties

Puppies must learn to socialise from a young age. We offer two sessions at our popular puppy parties to introduce your puppy to developmental and preventative healthcare and to master the art of good manners in company. The puppies who come to our puppy parties are much more relaxed about coming into the surgery in the future too, which makes visits to the vets much more enjoyable.

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