Jay Pincott

Jay is a lovely, very inquisitive Labrador who enjoys his walks and tends to try to eat anything he can find when he’s out and about (much like many other Labradors). He came to us with some vomiting and abdominal pain. He was very tender on his abdomen and had a temperature. At this time, [...]

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Chipper Morris

At The Vale Veterinary Group, we see a large variety of cases every day. Although all our cases are treated with equal importance we have decided to tell you the story of one animal who we feel demonstrated exceptional bravery, battled against the odds and whose story captured the hearts of all the staff. Meet [...]

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Poppy Baker

Here at The Vale we often see lame dogs and cats, with problems ranging from simple strains to broken bones! Our digital x-ray machine allows us to take detailed pictures and allows us to plan the required treatment. We are able to fix many types of fracture using a variety of plates, pins and screws. [...]

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