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P1020129_200x297.JPGWe cater for farms of all sizes and types and will tailor our advice and services to fit your own personal circumstances. The Farm Team have vast amounts of experience between them and can provide clinical services and advice for all situations. Our centres at Cullompton, Tiverton and Honiton are available for animals which can be transported to the surgery such as chickens and lambs, and can provide hospitalisation facilities if the need arises.

We are always available 24/7 for emergencies or just a phone call if you are worried about an animal.

For new clients we provide a free courtesy visit to see your animals and discuss your needs. The law also requires us to see your animals at least annually to be able to continue to dispense medicines, so we also provide a free ‘annual prescription visit’ when we are in your area.

Our services to smallholders include:

  • General advice and treatment of sick animals
  • Flock/Herd health plans
    We tailor a health plan to your individual circumstances to guide you through vaccinations, disease surveillance, routine treatments and protocols for when problems arise.
  • Foot trimming
    We provide a service which covers routine trimming and treatment of lame animals.
  • Vaccinations
    We provide vaccinations including clostridial diseases, Chlamydial abortion, toxoplasmosis, foot rot, bluetongue, schmallemburg in sheep and goats, erysipelas and parvo virus in pigs and many others
  • Faecal Egg counts for worms
    Faecal egg counts are done in-house for a fast result and a vet will provide the results and also advise on the best treatment plan
  • Worming
    We provide advice regarding when it is appropriate to treat and which product to choose
  • Castration of lambs, kids, piglets, alpacas and lamas
    These can all be castrated but depending on species and age it may be done under local or general anaesthetic – contact us for more information about you animals.
  • Disbudding (goats/calves)
    Kids are usually disbudded under general anaesthetic and this can be done in the surgery or on farm. Kids should be done at less than 7 days old to prevent regrowth. Calves are disbudded under local anaesthetic.
  • Sponging sheep
    We can provide advice on controlled breeding programmes for sheep and also help with the actual process of inserting and removing sponges if required
  • Chickens
    Worming advice and treatment of individual sick chickens at the surgery. We can do in-house post mortems for small flocks having problems.

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