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The practice has taken a leading role over the last 25 years in promoting improved udder health through the development of mastitis prevention and treatment programmes alongside the diagnostic service provided by our in house specialist milk laboratory.

Mastitis monitoring service:

Vale-Vets-_MG_7328_250x275.jpgWe offer a service to regularly analyse and monitor mastitis KPIs.

Most of our routinely milk recorded dairy herds at the Vale make use of this service.

Full mastitis data interpretation and management involves combining clinical mastitis records, milk recording data and results from our own milk laboratory to produce regular Interherd+ reports, which can be used for:

  • Herd level
    • Monitoring herd trends and performance gives an early warning of changing mastitis patterns which ensures the preventative and management advice is relevant to the current mastitis challenges in the herd
  • Individual cow level
    • Action lists
    • Treatment protocols

Mastitis investigation advisory service:

We offer a structured approach to evaluate, diagnose and improve mastitis and cell counts at a herd level which involves:

  • An initial visit to assess the cow environment and parlour including the overall milking routine
  • Management practices, treatment and preventative protocols are assessed alongside analysis of clinical and SCC records.
  • A herd mastitis diagnosis is made culminating in an agreed prioritised achievable mastitis action plan.
  • Progress is then monitored by analysing your mastitis and SCC records and reviewing the agreed plan every 6 months.

Knowledge Transfer/Training Courses

  • Herdsman courses to help improve general management and stockmanship
  • Milking routine video analysis and parlour audits to optimise efficient, hygienic and profitable milk harvesting

Mastitis management, investigation or prevention visits have formed the basis of our tailored mastitis advice for many years, and have now incorporated the DairyCo National Mastitis Control Plan.

  • We have 3 fully trained DairyCo Mastitis vets
    • One being a course tutor who is a world recognised mastitis expert.

Image23.jpgQuote from 2014 DairyCo newsletter

“The DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan process does not just identify the main origin of the problem, but it also helps to prioritise how it should be addressed.”
Andy Biggs, Vet and Plan Deliverer, The Vale Veterinary Group

Mastitis Consultancy Visit

For those farms with more complex mastitis issues we run a full mastitis consultancy service through the The Vale Laboratory.

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