Mastitis Consultancy

Written Report

Milking Time

Milking routine assessment – time and motion assessment

Having pioneered the use of video time and motion analysis of milking routines we can optimise the milk harvesting to produce a win win win.

  • Win – The milking routine is more sympathetic to the physiology of the cow
  • Win – The cow is milked quicker resulting in less unit-on time reducing mastitis risk
  • Win – Milking times are reduced and the milking staff spend less time in the parlour.
We have practical experience of optimising milking routines resulting in reduced milking times, clinical mastitis and SCCs.

“Work with the cow and she will work for you”

Milking Machine Evaluation

  • This is not to be viewed as a BS ISO 6690 test but more an evaluation from the cow’s perspective
    • Overall appraisal of equipment type, layout and maintenance.
      • Check for rubberware splits or cracks and identify any found with red tape!
      • Calculate liner replacement interval
    • VaDia milking time vacuum diagnostics
    • Pulsation testing
    • Dynamic milking time test gives an insight into:
      • Proper cow preparation (fast milk release without bimodal/biphasic flow)
        • Prep – Lag times
      • Overmilking
        • Automatic take-off functioning
      • Do these liners fit these teats?
        • Mouthpiece vacuum evaluation
      • Vacuum level and fluctuations
      • Average teat-end vacuum during peak flow

    Mastitis Monitoring Service

    We offer a service to regularly analyse and monitor mastitis KPIs.

    Data required:

    • Somatic Cell Count (SCC) – NMR or CIS milk recording data
    • Clinical mastitis data
    • Computer or paper records can be processed.

    Full mastitis data interpretation and management involves combining clinical mastitis records, milk recording data and results from our own milk laboratory to produce regular Interherd+ reports, which can be used for:

    • Herd level
      • Monitoring herd trends and performance gives an early warning of changing mastitis patterns which ensures the preventative and management advice is relevant to the current mastitis challenges in the herd
    • Individual cow level
      • Action lists
      • Treatment protocols

    For regular monthly recorded herds we have a suite of bespoke Vale Interherd plus reports covering:

    • SCC dynamics
    • Clinical mastitis
    • Fertility
    • Lameness
    • Nutrition
    • Johne’s Disease

    This service is suitable to Vale dairy clients and veterinary practices that don’t have access to the appropriate software to produce Interherd plus reports for their own clients.

    • These reports can be produced with annotated comments or just the raw data.

    Mastitis in Cattle Book Available


    Veterinary Record – June 2010
    "The subject matter is comprehensively covered yet not over-complicated. The book is aimed at a wide target audience, namely veterinary surgeons and students, farmers and their advisers, the stockperson and anybody involved in the day-to-day practical health care of cattle. To be appealing and useful to this wide audience is a challenge, one that for the most part is successfully achieved."

    Amazon - Concise & to the point - 9 July 2011
    This book covers all aspects of mastitis in dairy cows in the UK. Easy to read & contains all relevant material. Straight to the point book.

    Please contact Mandy on 01884 259584 if you wish to purchase a copy for £19.95 + p&p