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Routine preventative healthcare is vital to give our pets the best chance to stay fit and well.

Pets are such special members of our families, so looking after their health is very important.

Of course, we know vets are there when our pets need veterinary care for accidents and illnesses, but they also play a big part in making sure our pets have the best routine preventative healthcare throughout their lives. Routine preventative healthcare is vital to give our pets the best chance to stay fit and well. 

The key requirements for healthy pets are: 

1.      A good diet, appropriate for your pet’s age or stage of life.

2.  Regular parasite control against both internal parasites (such as intestinal worms and lungworms), and external parasites (such as fleas & ticks). Some of these parasites also bring risks to people, not just our pets, for instance eye problems in children from round worms, Lymes disease from ticks, so keeping these parasites under control is essential.

3.    Regular vaccinations against potentially fatal diseases that can be picked up both from the environment and from other pets and animals.

4.   Regular routine check-ups with the veterinary team, particularly for young and old pets, for peace of mind. 

We also know that to give the best healthcare can be costly, so we created our Vale Pet Health Plan. The plan allows the cost of this routine healthcare to be spread over the year with twelve reasonable monthly payments. We have built great discounts into the plan for these regular preventative healthcare products, and also further discounts on a range of additional products and services. 

Over 1,600 of our pet owners have taken up our Pet Health Plan and are already enjoying the benefits and savings we offer. One such owner who has taken advantage of the benefits from the Pet Health Plan is Emma Hewerdine. Emma explains “The preventative health care of our pets is extremely important to us, but with two dogs and two cats the cost all adds up! Spreading the cost over monthly payments makes the overall cost much easier to manage.”

Vale Vet Alan Benson explains “Some of our clients have been with us for many years and some just a few months. We understood that they all have one thing in common; they all want the best for their pets. As with all household expenses it’s easier if we can budget by spreading the costs over the year, so when we launched the Pet Health Plan. We developed it with this in mind, plus you have the benefit of additional savings too.”

We have two plans to meet the different requirements and budgets of our clients. Monthly membership costs for the Total Care Plan are currently £10.90 per month for a cat, and from £11.75 per month per dog depending on weight. The Total Care Plan includes products which cover all internal and external parasites, plus additional Kennel Cough vaccination for dogs, and many additional benefits. There is also an Essentials Plan to include core vaccinations and essential flea and worm treatment. 

Full details of the benefits can be viewed on our website or to find out more about the cost for your own pets please ask a member of our team.


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