Here at The Vale we often see lame dogs and cats, with problems ranging from simple strains to broken bones! Our digital x-ray machine allows us to take detailed pictures and allows us to plan the required treatment. We are able to fix many types of fracture using a variety of plates, pins and screws.

For more complicated orthopaedic cases such as complex fractures or hip replacements we are lucky to have access to two specialist orthopaedic referral centres in Exeter and Dawlish.

Case Study

A Border Collie was bought into our Cullompton centre after an accident. She was very lame on her right front leg, and an x-ray revealed that she had broken her leg near her carpus (wrist). She was given painkillers and the leg was supported with a large bandage to stabilise the bones prior to surgery.

She was given a general anaesthetic, and a stainless steel plate was moulded to fit the larger broken bone (the radius) and screwed above and below the fracture site. Once this bone is stable and in the right place it allows the smaller bone at the back of the leg (the ulna) to heal itself.

For the next 6 weeks she had to be restricted in an indoor kennel, only coming out a few times a day to go to the toilet. This ensured that the plate was not stressed too much which could have led to unsuccessful fracture healing.

After 6 weeks she was x-rayed again and the bone had healed completely.

Other fracture repairs performed by our Orthopaedic team.