Sheep Services

With both upland and lowland areas within the practice we have a wide range of sheep clients under our care, from large upland commercial farms to smaller lowland pedigree flocks and everything in-between.

Flock Health Planning

Flock Health Planning is a very important part of modern sheep farming. Planning for the future is vital to avoid problems such as wormer resistance and introducing new diseases, maximising the potential of your flock. We have a successful Sheep Discussion Group running and offer an Advance Sheep Package where clients pay a monthly fee for regular routine visits as part of their active Flock Health Plan. We are also a member of the South West Initiate for Sheep Health (SWISH).

For more information on our sheep services you can email our sheep vets at

  • Flock Health Planning
    • Parasite control programmes
    • Disease control and monitoring
      • vaccination programmes
      • accreditation schemes
    • Performance monitoring
    • Lameness control programmes
    • Fertility performance
  • Advanced Sheep Package
    • Pre-lambing, post lambing and pre-tupping visits
    • Flock Health Plan
    • Disease record cards
    • Flock year planner for vaccinations, treatments and other tasks
    • Discounts on ram fertility tests and vasectomies
  • Worm egg counts (in house for fast results)
  • Post mortem examinations (in house and linked with AHVLA)
  • Nutritional advice and monitoring
  • Individual animal treatments
  • Routine treatments for small flocks
    • worming, treatments
    • vaccination
    • foot trimming
  • Newsletters and fact sheets throughout the different seasons