Vet Tech

We are now offering the services of a skilled vet tech to offer a cost-effective approach to herd health. We are aiming to maximise farm productivity with a variety of technician-based services, working closely with our vets to review data and implement preventative programs. Our Vet Tech Service is headed up by Shelley Trevellyan.


Mobility Scoring

  • Many contracts now require it but more importantly research has shown and we have experienced on farm how regular impartial full herd mobility scoring can really help to improve overall herd mobility.
  • Regular scoring picks up lame cows earlier in the disease process, leading to faster recovery when cows are treated and less cost (less milk drop, reduced chance of culling, lower treatment costs).
  • Well timed scores e.g. before foot trimming visits, will help to produce lists of cows which would benefit most from treatment.
  • Reports (available immediately after scoring on farm) will identify new lame cows, recovered cows and chronically lame cows since the previous score.

Transition Monitoring

The transition period is absolutely key to productivity on a dairy farm. Monitoring cows progress and performance through this period will help to identify any issues and fix them before they cause problems such as DA’s, milk fever, ketosis, dirty cows and poor fertility.
  • Body Condition Scoring
    • Scoring all dry cows and fresh cows regularly and monitoring changes
  • Rumen fill scoring
    • Rumen fill scores, particularly in dry cows, can give an excellent guide to the adequacy of the diets being fed
  • Disease recording
    • Transition cow disease are often recorded but not in a way they are easily analysed
    • Collecting them regularly and entering on to our system will allow easy analysis
    • Recording and analysing the incidence of milk fever, RFM, metritis, whites, ketosis and mastitis in early lactation will show the success of transition management


  • Calf weighing
    • a vital monitoring tool to assess calf performance and something many would like to be doing, but it can be difficult to find the time. We have weigh scales here and with the right set up we can offer weighing (at 1 week and 8 weeks, to monitor growth rates OR single snapshot of all calves on milk for an assessment of performance).
  • Disbudding
    • One of those jobs it can be hard to find time to get around to doing and then they are bigger than you would like! We can provide regular disbudding at the ideal age with no additional help required from farm staff

AI Service

Shelley has a huge amount of experience as an AI technician, services available include:
  • AI service for small herds with semen storage if required
  • Relief for on farm staff to cover absences
  • Groups of animals e.g. synchronised animals or block calving
Call to discuss any requirements you may have

Adhoc Services

Skilled labour can sometimes be hard to come by these days, and is often only required for a few hours for jobs such as vaccinating animals, disbudding or TB testing. Shelley will be available for any tasks where you require additional skilled help on farm.

  • Vaccinating animals
  • TB testing help